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babylon4us's Journal

Babylon For Us: A Science Fiction Roleplay
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This is roleplaying community to bring together characters from science fiction of all kinds. OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

The Rules:
(Updated 04/10/2007)

Rules for Babylon 4 Us

(All your Babylon Are Belong to Us?)

Character rules:

1 - All characters need to be named characters from any sort of science fiction media. This includes books, comics, anime, video games, TV shows, and movies to name a few. If there's a question on whether something's science fiction, the moderators will help discuss this with you. If you want someone who isn't sf, feel free to join and make a case for why you'd be a good member of the community. Active players with active characters will be rewarded.

1A - If the character is specifically unnamed or unnamable or nameless intentionally but a distinct, important character, this is a special situation. Such characters can be allowed with moderator discussion and approval. For example, the creature created by Victor Frankenstein is never given a name, but definitely is an important entity in his canon.

1B - Absolutely no real people will be allowed. Along those lines, no dieties from actual religions will be allowed, either.

1C - There will be unnamed extras running around, mostly to maintain the station. These will all be moderator controlled, though, for the moment.

2 - Only a single version of each character is allowed, even if he, she, or it appears in more than one source or medium. For example, a young Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins is the same character as the old Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond.

2A - The only exception to this is the Multiple Incarnation Clause (a.k.a. the Dr. Who Rule): If there are multiple independent, distinct incarnations of a character in canon, especially if they can exist at the same time and interact with each other, each incarnation can be picked up separately with moderator approval. One example of such multiples is the duplicates of Ender's siblings that appear in the Ender's Game series.

3 - All characters should make an appearance at the airlock to board and be greeted. This will be a good chance to see who's who and meet each other. At least one moderator character will be around to meet the new folks, too.

4 - Character death is final. Luckily, we'll have some high-tech healing technologies on board, but that won't help you if you're vaporized or they're not available when you get yourself killed. This also means you should limit what types of weapons you bring to the station. A banned weapon list may be developed as time goes on. In any case, please don't kill anyone without the other player's permission first.

4A - The exception to this is characters who can't die, of course, or those who come back from mortal injury. This can only be for clear canon reasons, though; keep in mind that some immortal or seemingly invulnerable characters have their own mortal weaknesses, too.

5 - Mary Sues will be tossed from the airlock.

Community rules:

1 - Moderator say is final. We'll work hard to keep the community going smoothly and fairly, but our decisions need to be respected.

2 - If there's an issue with a player, try to resolve it with them first then please bring it to a moderator. Don't let it fester. Problems with the community, bring straight to the mods. Also, feel free to pass on suggestions or cookies.

3 - Do not significantly damage or destroy the station without moderator approval. You can bluff or threaten to, sure, but there should be a way out included in the plan, even if this isn't obvious to those who you're playing with.

4 - Make sure to have the character's name and canon as well as the typist's email address and AIM screen name in your journal before you submit a request to join the community.

5 - Adult topics and content need to be regulated (a.k.a. the Smexing Rule): Preferrably, sex, drugs, extreme violence, etc., should be kept in the private journals behind warnings or LJ cuts. Otherwise, LJ cuts and/or warnings should be included for such threads on the main page.

Your friendly mods are : tony_castaway and robomod

Some examples (not exhaustive) of fandoms allowed:

Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land, all of his "Future History" stories, Lazarus Long, etc.), Douglas Adams (any), Quantum Leap, Star Trek (all), Blake's Seven, Lost in Space, Outer Limits, Firefly/Serenity, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Robotech, Star Blazers/Space Cruiser Yamato, Gundam (all), Time Cop, The Terminator, Space: Above and Beyond, Isaac Asimov (Foundation, robot series and lots more), Arthur C. Clarke, CJ Cherryh (Foreigner, psi books), Anne McCaffery (Pern, psi books), David Weber (Honor Harrington), Andre Norton (Star Ka'at), Children of Morrow, Alexander Key. Ultraman, G-Force, Voltron, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Babylon Five/Crusade, Vampire Hunter D, The Matrix, Neuromancer, Octavia Butler, Zinna Henderson, Ursula K. Le Guin (Left Hand of Darkness, various short stories), Lois McMaster Bujold (Vorkosigan saga), Predator, Alien, Final Fantasy VII and VIII (though others may be open to examination), War Games, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica (both but let's be polite here), West World, Logan's Run, Spaceballs, Invader Zim, Orson Scott Card (Ender saga)